Clinical Solutions for New Zealand

Clinical Solutions NZ is an independent New Zealand clinical research and management company. Our focus is to provide high quality, cost effective solutions for local and international researchers from trial design to publication.

Why Clinical Solutions Ltd?

We are committed to providing excellent care to every research participant, ensuring your safety and comfort.

We respect your rights as a research participant.

What is Clinical Research?

A clinical trial is used to determine the effectiveness and safety of drugs, devices, procedures or treatments. Clinical trials may compare a new medicine to an existing one or to a placebo that contain no active ingredient or may compare existing medicines.

What I can expect?

You will be given an information sheet describing what the study is about and what you will be required to do. You will be able to ask any questions you may have.

Depending on the study, you may need to undergo a study related physical exam or other screening procedures. These will be explained to you in advance.

We adhere to Good Clinical Research Practice guidelines and all research is approved by the NZ Health and Disability Ethics Committee and/or Ministry of Health.

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